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Who Am I After Sports?

“In Who Am I After Sports: an Athlete’s Guide To Discover New Purpose and Live Fulfilled, I get REAL about my battle with depression and share practical tips about everything I learned to find my highest purpose, live in a mentally healthy way and develop successful habits which allowed me to reach the top of a new industry.” -Darryll Stinson

In “Who Am I After Sports?” you’ll discover how to:

"I believe Darryll's work is vital to the success and wellness of athletes in transition across the globe. If you've ever asked yourself the question "What's next after sports?" this book will help you find and build the next season of your life."
Jack Canfield
Bestselling Author of the Chicken Soup for the
Soul Series, The Success Principles and featured
teacher in "The Secret"

college and pro athletes choose us

For career coaching, networking, grieving sports, and finding the  same camaraderie they had as athletes.

At Second Chance Athletes (SCA), we understand what it takes to start at the bottom of a brand new industry and advance your career while still missing the heck out of sports. We’ve helped many athletes overcome after sports depression, find new purpose and build a life they love so they can impact more lives and create a legacy that lasts beyond them.

you weren't designed to live a current life as if it's second best to your old life as an athlete.

It’s normal to miss the camaraderie and the fulfillment you once had after sports. However, as a high-performer, you’ve got big dreams and a heart to help others. We can give you strategy, systems, best practices, camaraderie and access to a network of athletes who “get it,” are experts at their craft and who have the same desire you have to make the world a better place. 

And, as former athletes who have lost our first love of sports, we can help you grieve, heal and fill in love with your life beyond the game. It’s time to join your new team and build your legacy! 

Purpose discovery course

This course will walk you step-by-step to find your life’s purpose that is the driving force behind everything you do. After achieving this level of self-understanding, you’ll be more effective in your work and/or business and more fulfilled in life.
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Learn how to grieve sports and live mentally healthy.

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Land the perfect job or build your dream business.

what people say

“This is exactly what I needed as I am just now transitioning out of sports at the age of 40 and trying to figure out who I am without sports.”


Former Body Builder

“I’ve been cutting myself, struggling with suicide and depression since sports was over. After hearing Darryll’s message I found hope and a desire to keep living.”


Former Womens Swimmer

“I felt so alone and empty after sports. SCA eliminated that loneliness. I am glad to be a part of this movement.”


Former Track and Field Athlete

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darryll stinson

Darryll is an entrepreneur, pastor, speaker and suicide survivor. Having played defensive end at Central Michigan University, Darryll attempted to take his life in 2011 due to an athletic career-ending injury. Through a second chance, he came to believe that his life mattered and began the arduous journey of discovering what his identity and purpose was outside of sports. Darryll, a husband and father of three beautiful daughters, is on a mission to help people experience life — and live more abundantly.

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