Leveraging Your Athletic Experience: Energy

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Leveraging Your Athletic Experience: Energy

How to use your energy as a former athlete to set you apart from the crowd –— Darryll Stinson founder of Second  Chance Athletes


Another thing that sets you apart as an athlete, is your energy. You probably have experience waking up at 6am for practice, straight into two-a-days, pushing your body to the limit, while maintaining good grades and a social life. (This applies to any high-performance individual, including military veterans too.) You know how to bring high-level energy, even when your body is exhausted. 

Your energy not only sets you apart, but is yet another thing you can leverage for success, beyond the game. 

Quick story.

When I was working at CMU, and I was fresh out of the sports world, I wanted everything to be about sports. I was trying to recreate my experience as an athlete. Every team meeting, we would brainstorm ways to engage the students, and my mind went straight to t-shirt cannons and the marching band and the drum corp in the middle of campus. But, one of the things that I noticed that was different about me…was my energy. My coworkers would stroll in on a Monday morning, groggy from the weekend, waiting for “hump day”, counting down until Friday — I just couldn’t work that way because do you know what would happen if I went to a practice that way? I’d get tackled, miss plays, get smacked around. Every day is game day! 

Your energy is one of the most unique things you bring to the table as a former athlete. Even though it may seem like you’re different, don’t lower your energy to fit in with your peers. Use that to your advantage. 

What are some other ways that you can leverage your energy to help you excel after sports?

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Darryll Stinson is a former Division I athlete, dynamic motivational speaker and Founder of Second Chance Athletes. He’s been featured on FOX, ABC, NCAA, TEDx and some of the top podcasts in the United States. After going from suicidal to successful, Darryll uses his experience to help athletes and entrepreneurs shed their past stories, and create a massive impact that aligns with their highest purpose. When he is not working, Darryll enjoys spending time with his wife and three beautiful daughters. #girldad

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