Second Chance LIVE -with Dr. Jeff Moody

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We were so lucky to have Dr. Jeff Moody, MD, board-certified, UCLA-trained, practicing urologist, with us on SCLive yesterday.

Dr. Moody and I talked about:

????????  The three parts of BURNOUT and the key warning signs

????????  Importance of self-care

????????  How to stay true to agreements you’ve made with yourself for the life you want

With over twenty years of experience, Dr. Moody has served on numerous local, state, and national healthcare organizations. He knows the warning signs and challenges of burnout personally, having lived through the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. In addition to his book, ‘The Doctor Is Burned Out,’ Dr. Moody supports his colleagues by sponsoring a monthly Physician Burnout Support Group.

Meet Darryll:

???? Darryll Stinson, founder of Second Chance Athletes, is a former Division 1 athlete, TEDx speaker, author, and suicide survivor. He helps athletes and entrepreneurs shed their past stories and create multiple streams of income that align with their highest purpose – so that they can impact more lives and build a lasting legacy.


You can watch the replay of Second Chance Live: with Dr. Jeff Moody right here! ????????






Second Chance Live shares lessons on how to shift your perspective, find new purpose, and build a legacy that lasts beyond yourself.

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